We are starting off the year with a great presentation on Sauce Labs and happy hour right after at Courtside

4:30 PM Presentation on ATDA
6:00 PM Head over to Courside for Happy Hour and Q&A

Insanely Easy Framework Design with Acceptance Test Driven Automation

Acceptance Test Driven Automation (ATDA) is a test automation activity to help an individual develop a production quality, test automation framework, in under 45 min. ATDA iterates through 3 phases of development to produce a robust automation framework in lightning time.

I will begin the presentation by showing what ATDA is and how it can help to overcome the challenges of framework development. After a theoretical overview, we will jump on the keyboard and I will code live as I create an automation framework using this methodology.
As the presentation progresses, I will apply each step of ATDA through code and will explain it to the audience.

At the end of the presentation, the individual will have a complete paradigm shift into how easy it can be to create an automation framework using ATDA. Ultimately, changing their test automation quality forever.

Nikolay Advolodkin is a Sr Solution Architect at Sauce Labs. He has an extensive background in software testing, quality assurance and test automation as the owner of UltimateQA.com, a training site full of videos and resources covering the gamut of testing topics and technologies. Nikolay has taught more than 50,000 students in over 120 countries about test automation. He is a frequent contributor to open source and was selected as one of the top automation engineers in the world three years in a row by TechBeacon.com.

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