The meetup is organised by, a team of software operations architects who consult on infrastructure automation and workflow improvement.
WhitesSource are kindly hosting us at their new event space and speaking at the meetup.

18:00 - mingling, food, beer
18:30 - Managing Application Secrets On AWS With SSM And Chamber - The Better Alternative For Vault And AWS Secret Manager
Speaker: Omer Hamerman
Omer is an experienced software operations engineer and an open source contributor. He is always willing to go the extra mile to help our clients improve their software delivery. He is known for getting the job done very quickly and is clear-cut and very sharp, delivering almost any job on the spot. He is passionate about beautiful code, cybersecurity and doing things right the first time. He is a keen writer of blog posts and a speaker at meetups.

19:00 - Open Source Security at Scale - The DevOps challenge
Speaker: Shiri Ivtsan
Shiri is an Experienced Cloud Solutions Architect and Product Manager, holds B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management. Prior to joining WhiteSource, Shiri worked for various companies where she held roles in R&D, as Solutions Architect, R&D Team Leader & Product Manager.

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