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September ONLINE DevOps Meetup

📣 ATTENTION: We'll be starting at 18:00 sharp.

The Zoom (as linked on this page) will be available to join from 17:50 onwards.

You must RSVP to see the link to the Zoom.


💃 Main talk #1

“Terraform CDK - Taking the Cloud Development Kit Beyond AWS” – Sebastian Korfmann (Korfmann Consulting UG, Germany)

The Cloud Development Kit family has three members now: AWS CDK, CDK8s and the recently introduced Terraform CDK. While they share the same foundations, they are individual products with a wide variety of use-cases.

In this session, we’ll focus on the Terraform CDK and how it enables you to use Terraform in a programming environment such as Typescript or Python. We’ll learn about the concepts, useful patterns and how you can drive infrastructure not only in AWS, but for all supported providers of Terraform.


⚡️ Lightning talks

🎤 Automating Managers – Rob Garth (Ping, NSW)

Please let Michael and Lindsay know via Meetup if you would like to give a lightning talk!

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