While many platform-level operational tasks have been automated with Kubernetes and operators, managing individual microservices and applications is often still a highly manual task. Even cloud-native applications often rely on runbooks and hand-crafted pipelines. In many cases, these practices even differ from application to application.

At Dynatrace we saw the same problem and built an open-source fabric for autonomous declarative operations called Keptn. Keptn provides a ready-to-use framework for GitOps-based pipelines, standardized deployment models, monitoring and operations as a service. Keptn also allows automating operational tasks with runbook automation and self-healing. Although Keptn has only been around for a short time, it is already the basis for declarative operations at large financial institutions and in the service delivery of global system integrators.

In this talk, we will share information on WHY we've built Keptn, the technical underpinnings, share current status, and discuss how the community could help!


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