We're back! After quite a hiatus, the combined Docker NYC Meetup and Kubernetes and Cloud Native New York Meetup will be going virtual. Please join us later this month to talk Kubernetes Security and Compliance with our friends from Tufin and Elastisys.

Talk Summary:

Developers and operators in today’s digital world are facing an ever-increasing set of regulatory requirements, security challenges and privacy concerns. In addition to constant attacks on IT assets there is growing legal pressure to deliver and maintain regulatory guidelines in our networked world. Requirements such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR or SOC2 are becoming the pre-requisite of any operation in various industries.

Modern Cloud Native architectures and Kubernetes provide tools to address these demands, but the knowledge of these tools and methods are not widely understood. Today what is needed most is guidance on what exists and how best to use the right resources to meet the security and compliance requirements while still benefiting from the speed and agility Cloud Native environments offer.

Johan Tordsson of Elastisys and Colby Dyess of Tufin will lead this session on Kubernetes Security and Compliance and provide a deep dive on security development tools, open source Kubernetes services, collaboration strategies to meet these growing needs.

Speaker Bios:

Colby Dyess is a former developer, turned product manager, who helps organizations successfully transition to cloud-native platforms and adopt DevOps practices. He currently leads cloud strategy at Tufin – the leading provider of security policy automation for 2,100+ customers globally. Colby will share examples the tools, processes and tips that have enabled DevOps, CloudOps and Security teams meet business requirements without slowing down developers.

Johan Tordsson, Founder and CTO at Elastisys, received his PHD in Computer Science from Umea University and prior to founding Elastisys he led research on automated self-managed cloud infrastructure with this experience leading to his deep understanding of Cloud, cloud native and Kubernetes and thus the founding of Elastisys. Over the last two years Johan has guided Elastisys in developing a deep understanding of regulatory compliances and the open source solutions to meet these needs. His work has resulted in the development of Compliant Kubernetes (CK8s), a distribution of Kubernetes that meets the most important compliance requirements. In this session Johan will share his insight and addressing this need and the Open Source resources available to all of us.

Attendees of this Meetup will come away with a good understanding of Security and Compliance needs, and the solutions for delivering and operating Cloud Native solution.

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