With the latest advances in Infrastructure as Code tooling, you can now move your team away from shared, static cloud environments and give each developer their own dynamic, isolated ones - speeding up their development processes and reducing overhead for your SRE team.

Join us this month to hear Ohad Maislaish, CEO of env0, as he takes us through the how, and why, of deploying dynamic environments in an automated and secure way.

Ohad Maislish is the CEO and co-founder of env0. Prior to env0, Ohad was the CEO and founder of Arno Software, a services company specializing in complicated cloud infrastructure projects, and Capester, a startup which empowered citizens in SmartCities around the world. In addition to these roles, Ohad has served in different technical and management roles at Ravello Systems, eToro and VMware. He started his career as the youngest developer at Microsoft Israel at the age of 17, after starting his bachelor degree at the age of 14, in parallel to high school.


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