With the current situation with COVID19 we want to support the overall direction and recovery and keep your safety in mind. For our next couple of events we are moving to virtual events.

Please RSVP, and as we get setup for a virtual presentations, we will send out a link to the event.

Topic: Fix Forward or Roll Back
The choice between fixing forward or rolling back deployments is a lot more complicated in the world of microservices and continuous delivery. On one hand you don’t want to waste velocity preparing rollback procedures for every deployment, only to very rarely use them. On the other hand, fixing forward can extend an outage well beyond your SLAs.

In this talk, you will learn:

● Considerations and tradeoffs between the two strategies
● How to evaluate them in the context of microservices dependencies

Speaker: Doug Gorley - Cloud Architect at xMatters, Inc
Doug is a Cloud Architect at xMatters, inc., where Doug develops strategies and directs operations to deliver highly-available, cost-effective services to customers. Doug recently lead the development of automation jobs to move customer databases from co-located datacenter to Google Cloud. Doug’s background is in medical software development with Python and PostgreSQL, and he currently lives in Victoria, BC, Canada.

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