The meetup was postponed to March 11th

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This is 2nd session for TerraForm workshop.
Recording of the 1st session: https://youtu.be/ldqAMf1t7g0

TerraForm enables users to define and provision virtual machines using a high-level configuration language. It is actually much more and beyond.

* Prior knowledge and preparation:
** The workshop is suitable for people with some experience in DevOps, basic knowledge in AWS and NO experience in TerraForm
** In order to participate in hands-on exercise AWS account is required and additional preparations as detailed below

It is hands-on workshop, *** bring your laptop ***

The meetup will be in Hebrew

* Required preparations (it usually takes 30 minutes. prepare in advance):
1. Install Git
2. Register to GitHub and fork our repo: https://github.com/devopsloft/training
3. Clone your fork to your laptop you'll come to the workshop with
4. Download and install Vagrant and VirtualBox
5. Verify that you are able to do "vagrant up" from "terraform" directory in the repo
5. AWS account

1. We might take a few photos during the meetup to post on our social medias
2. Use of AWS services might cost you a fee which is on your account

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Hope to see you all
DevOps Loft team


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