*** The meetup was postponed to November 20th

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Travis CI is a hosted, distributed continuous integration service used to build and test software projects hosted at GitHub.
We will review and practice how to do automatic testing with Travis CI.

* Prior knowledge and preparation:
** The meetup is suitable for beginners with basic knowledge in Linux and programming code reading
** In order to participate in hands-on challenges additional preparations is needed as detailed below

It is hands-on workshop, *** bring your laptop ***

The meetup will be in Hebrew

18:00 - Networking and preparations
18:30 - Workshop (screen and audio will be recorded)
20:30 - More practice and one-on-one guidance

The meetup will be recorded and shared.

* Required preparations (it usually takes 30 minutes. prepare in advance):
1. Install Git
2. Register to GitHub and fork our repo: https://github.com/devopsloft/training
3. Clone your fork to your laptop you'll come to the workshop with
4. Download and install Vagrant and VirtualBox
5. Register to https://travis-ci.org/ with your GitHub account

Follow us on our website: http://www.devopsloft.io/
Links to our additional social platforms can be found there...

Hope to see you all
DevOps Loft team


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