Lyle and Jon wanted to bring The Art of SLOs workshop to Code & Supply with their experience as leaders in operations teams. Their combined education, healthcare, and industry experience is compounded by the existing context given by the freely available Art of SLOs workshop content from Google.

***N.b. this is a paid event and covers two nights back-to-back. You must RSVP to both nights! [Click here for Night]( 2\. See below for details\.***

**What is this workshop? What are SLOs?**

The Art of SLOs is a workshop developed by Google's Customer Reliability Engineering team. The goal of the workshop is to introduce participants to the way Google measures service reliability — in terms of Service Level Indicators (SLIs) and Service Level Objectives (SLOs) — and give them some hands-on experience with creating these measures in order to adapt the tools for their own unique needs.

This workshop will be broken down into:

* First day: Lectures
* Second day: Practical Exercise (groups of \~5)

Make sure to let us know during signup or the first day if you want to be in a group with friend(s)!

**Target Audience**

The workshop content is relatively technical and primarily aimed at development and operations engineers and their immediate management. However, you'll have the best results if you can include technically-minded product people and business leaders as well.

The Art of SLOs is licensed under CC-BY 4.0. Read more about this workshop at Google’s Official landing page: [](

*Lyle Seaman, VPE at Carnegie Learning*
Lyle grew up bashing bits in the 80s and has progressively moved up the application stack, with a focus on so-called “non-functional requirements” such as performance, reliability, and security. He created and managed the SRE team at [Carnegie Learning]( for five years and currently manages the software engineering unit for “platforms”.

*Jon Shaffer, Sr. SRE at Babylon Health*
Jon has been doing SRE-related work in medium to large healthcare since 2018. He previously served as a principal consultant at Hyperfluid Solutions.

**This is a paid event. Food will be provided.**

**Please submit $5 payment at [](** This is to hold your place and cover some event hosting expenses.

Food on both nights is sponsored by the workshop hosts. We will try our best to accommodate dietary restrictions; please message the hosts if you have restrictions beyond preferences for vegetarian or low-carb options (e.g. allergies to foods served at Chipotle or Jimmy John's).

***N.b. this is a paid event and your $5 holds your seat for two nights back-to-back. You must RSVP to both nights! [Click here for Night]( 2.***

**Schedule Day 1 - Lecture - Food: Chipotle**

Filing Into Meeting


SLIs, SLOs and Error Budgets


Developing SLOs and SLIs

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