Are CI/CD, automated testing, static analysis, vulnerability checking, logging and monitoring properly in place for your organization? For most developers, these are questions that demand answers and are the first hurdles to be taken in efficiently building a qualitative app. But is it really necessary to implement all these tools and processes yourself?

In this workshop, Edward will demonstrate how to kick-start your projects in a simple, but enterprise-ready way. You'll learn how the so-called Cloud Native Toolkit can be the key to implement all the necessary tools and processes in a much faster and straightforward manner.

The tool kit consists of an open-source collection of assets that enable application development and support teams to quickly deliver business value using Red Hat OpenShift or Kubernetes. The tools themselves, like Tekton for continuous integration and Argo CD for continuous deployment, are well recognized and broadly used in the market.


Edward Ciggaar works as developer advocate for IBM and is based in Amsterdam. His passion is to personally interact with developers and to show them the possibilities of our latest technologies. He is always in to build fun demos and sample code that support developer productivity. His focus areas are IBM Cloud, cloud-native application development and blockchain. In his spare time Edward loves to play soccer, both in real-life as well as online.


> IBM Cloud Account: https://ibm.biz/Bdfyxv
> Github account (if you don't have one already): https://github.com/join

This event is the second out of three hands-on workshops in collaboration with IBM where we give you the opportunity to gain hands-on experience on the latest technologies. Please note that all the events are independent of each other so you can attend the series or individual sessions.

Part 1: https://www.meetup.com/goto-meetups-copenhagen/events/278093384/

Part 3: https://www.meetup.com/goto-meetups-copenhagen/events/278093413/

What is Call for Code?

During this hands-on session we will also introduce you to tech-for-good challenge of its kind: Call for Code. This challenge is calling all developers to build solutions that fight back against the most pressing issues of our time. Topic of this year: climate change. The challenge is created by David Clark Cause with Founding Partner IBM, in partnership with the United Nations Human Rights and The Linux Foundation.


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