Well, usually we have summer doldrums but this year it's like the doldrums on crack. We're still meeting virtually, but we're going to have our annual Dog Days of DevOps meeting! It'll be online via zoom, look for the link once you RSVP!

This is a special format where we have a bunch (12+) of 5 minute lightning talks! It's a great opportunity to give your first talk, or try out a topic you're considering for a larger talk, or whatever! All tech related topics are welcome, anyone can speak.

Sign up in the comments below with your name and a short sentence about the talk (e.g. "Ernest Mueller - The DevOps Centipede, different forms of team organization to implement DevOps") and we'll put you on the list! Hard 5 minute limit, we have a timer and gong you at the end!

Meetups that are joining us include:
- Women Who Code - https://www.meetup.com/Women-Who-Code-Austin

1. Bertold Kolics - Make DevOps Inclusive, explaining how and why it is critical for DevOps to embrace inclusivity
2. Karthik - Buzzword bingo demo: "CICD your K8s deployments with KIND"
3. Laura Santamaria - Logging is a Team Sport: How to work within your org to log well
4. Lee Bontecou - Remapping Explosions: A Case Study of Remedying Logging Tech Debt
5. Gabe Schuyler - Shift Left: securing IaC and containers through the entire develop -> build -> run lifecycle
6. Peter McKee - Docker ♥️ AWS: Use the same Docker commands you know and love to seamlessly run containers in AWS

For future meetings:
Want to speak? Let us know here: (http://bit.ly/2H9Xkgu)
Want to sponsor? Let us know here: http://bit.ly/2VvPBxb

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