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The Road to Reliability

Jan 15, 2019 - DevOps Minneapolis

We all want to improve our organizations, but "let's be better" doesn't come with actionable takeaways. Local IT leader Andy Domeier will chart a path for real-life enterprise IT transformation with an SRE approach.


The Road to Reliability - Andy Domeier

Winning in today’s technology landscape requires frequent iteration, high availability, and stellar performance, which may seem to be competing priorities. Let's focus on the technical problems that can be solved with Site Reliability Engineering, with a look at a real-life approach to applying SRE practices.

Building an SRE function or delivering on its core tenets within your organization is no small task. Every organization is different; cultures, skillsets, and technologies all vary drastically, making the process to adopt SRE functions difficult and inconsistent.

This talk aims to help folks think about various ways they can more meaningfully apply reliability practices. Continuously improving your organization's Agility, Reliability, Resiliency, and Observability is one of the best competitive advantages for today's technology organizations.


Andy has been in Technology Operations leadership at SPS Commerce since 2005 and currently leads their System Operations, Reliability Engineering, and Continuous Improvement teams. SPS grows aggressively, creating a zany yet fun environment of persistent growth challenges. Andy spends many mental cycles collaborating to solve effective patterns for monitoring and operating complex changing systems.


Venue sponsor: SPS Commerce (
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Dinner & drinks will be served.

6pm: Doors open
6:30pm: Sponsors & Presentation
After the presentation, there will be a discussion/social time.
9pm: end

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