* Postponed to March 27th

We will discuss on architecture and on practical aspects how to implement multi-container application. We will review architecture of our site and collaborate on its gradual transformation to containers.

For this session a basic knowledge in Linux and Dockers is recommended.
You can find materials from our previous meetups on these subjects and many others on our site (www.devopsloft.io)

It is hands-on workshop, *** bring your laptop ***
** Perform needed preparations in advance (see details below)

The meetup will be in Hebrew

18:00 - Networking and preparations
18:30 - Workshop (screen and audio will be live streamed and recorded)
20:00 - Practice learned materials

See document "Prepare DevOps Loft environment - step-by-step" in documents section on our site www.devopsloft.io
*** Preparing your environment in advance will make you able to participate in hands-on exercises

- in RedHat building - first 2 hours free, 3rd hour 16 Shekel...
- Raanana Park parking lot (blue-white municipality parking)

In our Facebook post you can find topics for the current semester: https://www.facebook.com/groups/devopsloft/permalink/674190356307838/

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