Source: Toronto Enterprise DevOps User Group

Transitioning from Azure Pipelines to GitHub Actions

Azure Pipelines has become one of the most popular CICD solutions in the DevOps space. And, not just amongst Microsoft fanbase. Azure Pipelines is extremely popular outside of the Microsoft realm as well. It’s fast, robust, and completely hosted for you, which means you don’t have to worry about the overhead of infrastructure and platform management. When Microsoft bought GitHub in 2018, GitHub Actions started to be developed almost instantly. It’s clear at this point, especially since Microsoft Build 2020, that GitHub Actions is here to stay and Microsoft wants people to use it. Although Azure Pipelines will still be maintained, it appears that GitHub Actions will be the center point for innovation.

In this session, we will learn key steps on how to move from Azure DevOps to GitHub Actions. Because there are differences in how the YAML pipelines are created in Azure DevOps vs GitHub Actions, it can be extremely cumbersome to migrate pipelines to GitHub. This will surely be a deciding factor for many organizations when thinking about making the switch. Join this session to learn how to migrate Azure Pipelines to GitHub Actions, migrate jobs and steps, migrate tasks to actions, migrate conditionals and expression syntax, etc. and discuss the tools available to help you make your transition from Azure Pipelines to GitHub Actions smoother.

Presentation starts at 6pm. Online meeting will open around 5:30pm for those who want to network. See you there.

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