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**{unscripted}** is the Modern Software Delivery conference for DevOps practitioners, managers & decision-makers.

**About {unscripted}**
{unscripted} is a unique 1-day conference held on September 14th at Bespoke in San Francisco. It begins with keynotes, followed by 2 tracks of curated community talks, and ends with breakout sessions (unconference) where we will discuss the latest changes and innovations in GitOps.

**Track 1: For DevOps Practitioners:** This track is for practitioners. The topics will be about CI/CD pipelines, and everything else related to software delivery. Talks in this track can be about testing, automation, building your own internal developer platform, cool new open source projects, reducing toil, and anything else related to delivering software into production.

**Track 2: For Managers & Decision Makers:** The second track is about Modern Software Delivery Lifecycle innovations and best practices with regard to shift left, SLOs, security, etc;

**Unconference for all attendees:** An unconference is where attendees propose topics for breakout session discussions. Instead of prepared slides, the attendees sit in a circle and discuss topics, such as declarative vs scripted pipelines, Flux vs ArgoCD, and Internal Developer Platforms, in a free-flowing manner.

For background on {unscripted}, please refer to sessions from past {unscripted} online conferences:

* [{unscripted} 2021](
* [{unscripted} 2020](

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