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User Journey Testing with Gauge & Taiko

After a short hiatus, TechTalks is back for one night led by Scott Davis, Web Architect and Principal Engineer who is visiting NY to lead a workshop at O'Reilly's Software Architecture Conference. This meetup is a bonus talk (after the conference workshop) happening at our office.

Learn to write tests in the language of a user, not the developer
User journey tests are a form of business-facing test, designed to simulate a typical user's journey through the system. The tests are written in the language of the user, not the developer. Gauge and Taiko are free and open-source tools that allow you to level up your testing skills and start thinking like a user. At this event, Scott Davis will cover

The importance of writing developer-focused Unit Tests and user-focused User Journey Tests

The importance of writing tests that describe and validate the user experience

Anatomy of a Gauge Test : Specifications and Implementations

Browser Automation : the Past, the Present, and the Future

Using the Taiko REPL : Type and Learn

Who can attend?

This talk is open to anyone who interested in how to learn and explore writing User Journey Tests. This session will be especially relevant if you are a Web Developer or Web Architect, a Quality Analyst, or a Test Engineer.

Scott Davis:
Web Architect and Principal Engineer
Scott is a Web Architect and Principal Engineer with ThoughtWorks, where he focuses on leading-edge/innovative/ emerging/ non-traditional aspects of web development. This includes serverless web apps, mobile web apps, responsive PWAs, HTML5-based SmartTV apps, Conversational UIs (like Siri and Alexa), and using web technologies to build IoT solutions.

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