As many of you know, existing technologies for accessing data within an enterprise across various geographic locations require data to be transferred and replicated, leading to reduced productivity, inefficiencies and delayed business insights or even insights based on stale data. In addition, having to send a copy of data to every user that requires it, leads to copy sprawl, data management challenges and compromised data security. Even with data transfer, data arrives at the destination in an unpredictable time and performance varies with data type/size and application. This session will show ways to instantly access and operate on data sets over any distance, without the need to copy and with local-like performance. The speaker will discuss how transforming the enterprise WAN into a Global LAN lets enterprises leverage modern business tools from video editing to AI/ML engines, leading to more efficient business processes. This is achieved through RDMA over WAN; the speaker will include a demo and several use cases.

Speaker Bio:
Stephen Wallo, Vcinity Chief Technology Officer
Steve currently serves as Vcinity’s CTO. Prior to Vcinity, he was CTO at Brocade Federal, responsible for articulating Brocade’s innovations, strategies and architectures in the rapidly evolving federal IT space for mission success. Steve has served the U.S Government, as the chief architect for the NAVAIR Air Combat Test and Evaluation Facility High Performance Computing Center.

This event will be held virtually. Links to the virtual conference will be sent the day of the meeting to those who have RSVP'd. A view only link will be shared then too. You can also watch it on YouTube:


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