Virtual DevOps Playground – Hands-On Ready-To-Deploy Golang CRUD API

**Live YouTube Link**

The Speaker: Artur Kondas

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As this is a hands-on session, please remember to have your laptop ready

If you work in tech, you have probably heard someone being overly excited about Go. Created and backed by Google, used as a backbone of Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Vault and probably any other DevOps tool nowadays. Named by many as the next big thing in programming. Are you in?

During this meetup, we will introduce you to Go in the best way possible, we will build a quick Create-Read-Upload-Delete API with Postgres integration. And everything will be ready to deploy (Docker included)!

- You will learn the basics of Golang
- You will build the small API
- And finally, you will get everything ready to build anywhere!

No previous Go experience needed, we will go with you!

Any IDE will be able to work, we will use VIM.

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