What is DevOps in 2022?
As all things, also DevOps has evolved through the years.
On this MeetUp, that will be in person :) we will have 2 speakers that will share their thoughts and experiences during the last years.


19h10 - 19h30 : TALK #1 - Is DevOps Dead? by Marco Campos
19h30 - 19h40 : Q&A
19h40 - 20h00 : TALK #2 - Did Serverless kill DevOps? by Luis Rodrigues
20h00 - 20h10 : Q&A



TALK #1:
It's been 13 years since the term DevOps was conceived and 10 years since people started to agree on what it means, well, kind of. Has DevOps really changed the way we build, deploy and run software or was it all just a fad and we took the wrong lessons from it?
In this session let's discuss the why DevOps came to be (past), what it currently is (present) and it can potentially become (future).
Speaker: Marco Campos @ PMI
BIO: Marco Campos is a software person working undercover in the Infra and Ops space. He has been haunting the world of IT for more than 15 years and spending many hours writing bugs for many different companies: boring ones, weird ones and even one with the status of "shiny-horse-with-a-carrot-glued-to-its-head"


TALK #2:
Someone once said that serverless would be the death of DevOps. As complexity, scale and automation increases, we tend to thrive towards having someone or something else to carry the burden of running our code. Do we still need DevOps? Dealing with a cutting-edge, fully serverless and event driven architecture and a platform based approach to create a seamless developer experience, Luis Rodrigues will try to share his view and some not-so technical insights on this.
Speaker: Luis Rodrigues @ Cazoo
BIO: Luis Rodrigues is an old networking and linux sysadmin trying to automate himself out of a job for 20+ years now, with little or no success.


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