Tonight's meetup will be a workshop from our very own JJ Asghar!

**IMPORTANT:** You need to bring your laptop tonight to participate.

6:00p - 6:15p: Mingle
6:15p - 6:30p: Announcements
6:30p - 7:30p: Workshop part 1
7:30p - 7:40p: Break
7:40p - 8:40p: Workshop part 2
8:45p - 8:50p: Closing remarks
8:50p - ??????: #BeerOps at Easy Tiger @The Linc

Cloud native revolutionized the way we look at application development. Learning to use OpenShift on top of Kubernetes, changes the way teams look at deployments of these cloud native applications. In this workshop you will learn the steps necessary to take advantage of this revolutionary approach.

JJ works at IBM on the IBM cloud as a Developer Advocate. He’s focusing on the IBM Kubernetes Service trying to make companies and users have a successful on boarding to the Cloud Native ecosystem.

He lives and grew up in Austin, Texas. He enjoys a good strong stout, hoppy IPA, and some team building Artemis, madding Dwarf Fortress, Rimworld, or Factorio. He’s a member of the Church of Emacs, though jumps into Vim on remote machines. He usually chooses Ubuntu over CentOS, but secretly wants FreeBSD everywhere. He’s always trying to become a better Ruby developer, but experiments with Go, Python, and only when he has to, Node. A father and husband, if he’s not trying to automate his job away he’s always trying to convince his daughters to “be button makers not button pushers.

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