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Yet another DevOps Loft hacking night

Apr 17, 2019 - DevOps Loft
Yet another DevOps Loft hacking night

We will review recent improvements and PRs in our application to learn from the challenges, solutions, architecture we implemented and best practices used.

The following topics were involved in the PRs:
AWS, Vagrant, Bash scripting...

The meetup is better suited for DevOps personal with knowledge and experience.

It is hands-on workshop, *** bring your laptop ***
** Perform needed preparations in advance (see details below) in order to be able to practice

The meetup will be in Hebrew

18:00 - Networking and preparations
18:30 - Workshop (screen and audio will be live streamed and recorded)
20:00 - Practice learned materials

See document "Prepare DevOps Loft environment - step-by-step" in documents section on our site www.devopsloft.io
*** Preparing your environment in advance will make you able to participate in hands-on exercises

- in RedHat building - first 2 hours free, 3rd hour 16 Shekel...
- Raanana Park parking lot (blue-white municipality parking)

In our Facebook post you can find topics for the current semester: https://www.facebook.com/groups/devopsloft/permalink/674190356307838/

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