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Let's find out what data integrity is and explore some of the challenges and benefits of it.
This article provides a tutorial that looks at the Mandelbrot set and how to compute it in TensorFlow.
This page tells more about the story behind Denis Chebotarev’s weekly for IT architects, DevOps engineers and others who are eager to scale software sensibly.
Digital Ocean Providing developers and businesses a reliable, easy-to-use cloud computing platform of virtual servers (Droplets), object storage ( Spaces), and more.
We take a look at several different types of machines, and the operating systems they come with, exploring how they perform from a developer's point of view.
Give us a message if you’re interested in Blockchain and FinTech software development or just say Hi at Pharos Production Inc. What are the Docker tags? In simp...
In this post, we explore how you can optimize your website speed with Varnish Cache, focusing on how it works, testing, load testing, and more.
Determining how to structure your environments is a frequent topic of discussion for us. It comes up in almost every client engagement we have and we have neede...
CodeMentor Codementor is an online marketplace connecting developers with experts for on- demand 1:1 help via screen sharing, video, and text chat.
A discussion of monolithic vs. microservices-based software architectures, and how these two architectural models stack up in a real-world use case.
An introductory look into the popular open source data platform Apache Kafka, its architecture, and the features it brings to developers and data scientists.
If you’ve ever tried to run operations on a large number of objects in S3, you might have encountered a few hurdles. Listing all files and running the operation...
Learn more about how you can make your XML projects optimized for the highest possible performance, looking closer at improvements, techniques, and more.
BulmaStyle BulmaStyle is a marketplace for premium quality Bulma themes & templates for your website.
Articles often focus on how bugs deteriorate software; however, we never address WHY bugs attack your software. That's what we attempt to uncover in this post.
Take a look at this categorized rundown of some of the top headlines in cloud computing news from the past month.
Terraform got official support for Linode back in October 2018, so if you aren’t using Terraform to deploy your Linode instances and you’d like to know how, thi...
In this article, the CEO of RavenDB reflects on the process of code review between two OSs, and discusses the important difference even small changes can make.