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10. DevOps Meetup Bern

17:45 Open Doors

Impact Hub Bern, Spitalgasse 28
Entrance is in the "Ryffligässchen", use the elevator to get to the Hub
We're on the top floor in the Loft (follow the red line from the entrance)

18:00 - ca. 19:00 Talk

The DevOps Meetup Bern continues in 2020 - celebrating the 10th meetup!


Tobias Fuhrimann / Mathis Kretz, Bespinian (

"Securing the Cloud": Many people have issues trusting cloud services with their business logic and valuable customer data. We’ll see what caveats and best practices there are to work securely in the cloud and look at helpful tools to warn us about potential security risks in these highly dynamic environments and technologies.

Part 1 will be mostly about public clouds, Part 2 about Kubernetes & Istio.

The talk will default to be held in englisch if this is anyone's preferred language.

19:00+ Community building, Pizza & Drinks - Sponsored by avega IT AG (

Network with the DevOps community in the Bern area, exchange experiences and/or just enjoy a cool drink.

The DevOps Meetup Bern is a tribe of the Impact Hub Berne - many thanks to the Impact Hub for sponsoring this great and central location!

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