Source: Austin DevOps

Ask a Manager

Cloud Austin will be our guests on this evening for a panel of managers.

During PayTalk we have had the following topics come up:
* How to negotiate salary
* How to ask for a raise
* How to move into leadership

We are working to impanel some of the best hiring managers we know to discuss how managers actually go about interviewing, salary negotiation, and hiring? How do they arrange for mentoring? Is management for you? What does it take to move into management and what's the job really like? Ask a panel of experienced tech managers this and more!

Your Emcee for the evening is the incomparable Ernest Mueller, fearless leader of the DevOps Days Austin crew.

We will get names of panelists as they are confirmed.

Manijeh Noori, VP Eng, The Zebra
Michael Scallan, VP Eng, Kasasa
Marisa Sawatphadungkij, Enverus
Boyd Hemphill, Dir Cloud Eng, Contrast Security

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