Source: Big Apple DevOps

Big Apple DevOps at Kustomer

Feel free to RSVP here and/or @ Kustomer's event link below!


Steve Flinchbaugh - Kustomer

"Growing Up with Elasticsearch"

Steve is a DevOps Engineer with Kustomer and will detail the journey and experiences that the Kustomer team has shared while scaling Elasticsearch along with the engineering team. He'll discuss the technical problems they've encountered, solutions they've come up with, and mistakes you should avoid while running Elasticsearch on AWS.

Diana Hsieh - Timescale

"How and why to use PostgreSQL as long-term storage for your Prometheus metrics"

Diana is Timescale's Product and Customer Success Lead. She will identify limitations of Prometheus that might lead teams to consider long term metric storage and discuss the benefits of storing Prometheus metrics in TimeScaleDB. She will also highlight the power of SQL for visualizing data using a variety of examples -- e.g., more complex queries involving multiple WHERE predicates, sub-queries, limits, etc.

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