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CloudAustin Monthly meetup

In this months meetup Brian Adams will talk about microservices in kubernetes, and Venkata Gummadi will talk about building a scalable data platform.

***Thank you to our sponsors! Q2 is providing the venue and is providing food for the attendees!*** will be raffling two items during the meetup. They are a Lego Darth Vader and a Lego Mandalorian. A photo of the items is in the photo section of the meetup page.

To be eligible you will need to register via QR code displayed at the meetup and you must be present to win.

Winners will be chosen randomly from the names collected. The first winner gets to pick 1 one of the prizes and the second gets the remaining prize.

**Brian Adams - Microservices: Diving into Kubernetes Cluster Behavior**

In this presentation Brian will start with a clear use case of a movie theater microservice website and slowly deep dive into how we can use it to tie together different components of Kubernetes and identify what it is doing in response to how those microservices behave and communicate with each other and auto generated traffic load to those microservice API endpoints.

Brian is a product focused Site Reliability Engineer with about 10 years of experience. I love working with Terraform, Kubernetes, and many cloud platforms out there. Brian's primary interest is in how applications and services behave with other applications and services, and how the end users behave and react in response to the application itself to make it part of their workflow.

**Venkata Gummadi - How Expedia Built a Data Platform for Scale**

Enabling agile application development teams to self-serve and quickly provision the resources that they need while adhering to the organization’s governance and controls can be challenging. In this session, we’ll explore Expedia Group’s Cerebro platform, a Database as a Service (DBaaS) offering built on AWS technologies. By using this platform, Expedia Group is able to quickly deploy, manage, and support thousands of database clusters, all while enforcing governance, security controls, and best practices with a handful of engineers.

Venkata is a Senior Software Engineer at Expedia Group

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