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Talk #1
"Big or small, this is how DevOps teams have moved forward"
After working on several DevOps projects with small and large companies, learn about what we discovered when it comes to achieving DevOps success. We’ll cover how metrics and processes affect teams, how negative experiences were resolved by adopting metrics and processes, and what does positive change feel like along with real-life examples.

Sharyl Jones, is the DevOps Service and Customer Success Manager at Indellient. Sharyl has two decades of experience in software development, solution delivery and customer care including delivering technology solutions on-prem and in the cloud for large enterprises. Sharyl is a leader that is passionate about technology, people, building strong teams and developing processes to achieve business objectives and increase effectiveness.

Talk #2
"Scaling Teams using Tests for Productivity and Education"
As organizations scale, more developers join the team. More developers make it increasingly difficult to enforce code styles, follow best practices, and document mistakes that were made without relying on word of mouth. While we have tools to check some stylistic components, we lack tooling to document issues and best practices. This talk focuses on strategies and solutions, particularly around best practices, that we employ to help educate and accelerate nearly a thousand developers, without getting in their way, by providing them information “just in time”.

Julian Nadeau is a Senior Software Developer working at GitHub on the platform ecosystems team and a lecturer at the University of Toronto in computer science. He has spent years working on developer productivity and experience. He's excited to share his experience in this field and help others improve their organization's developer tooling.

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