• 6:00 PM - Check in and hang out
• 6:30 PM - Announcements and presentations
• 7:15 PM - Chat with old and new friends

Talk #1
"How To Prioritize Developers"
I worked as the sole DevOps person (and CTO) of a tech startup for two years, and I came out of that experience realizing that nobody cares about developers.

Colin Chartier was CTO & CEO @ ParseHub until about a year ago, he is now founder @ Distributed Containers Inc.

Talk #2
"Istio in Action"
How Loblaw Digital Successfully used a k8s single cluster for everything.

Justin Watts is a bifurcation of computer scientist and anthropologist with a passion for reducing toil in the world. He cut his teeth at Loblaw Digital creating developer-friendly test frameworks and now focuses on tooling that increases colleague productivity.

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