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Dockercon 2022 LIVE

DockerCon is a free event that brings together the entire community of Docker developers, contributors, and partners to share, teach, and collaborate to grow the understanding and capabilities of modern application developers. DockerCon is a highly-concentrated learning experience that shows developers what’s new and what’s possible with Docker, and how to take advantage of these innovations right away to get their jobs done better and faster.

Sessions are free, interactive, and are designed for flexible consumption on the day of the event — and beyond.

For developers new to Docker, or for those who want to grow their skills in a new area, pre-day instructor-led workshops will deliver hands-on training focused on getting started with Docker.And throughout the two-day experience, members of the Docker community will have chances to ask questions of the experts at Docker and across the community, network with one another, and build or rekindle relationships and friendships among their peers.

**At DockerCon 2022, you’ll:**

* Learn about the latest Docker features and technology updates
* See live, on-demand technical demos
* Talk to a panel of experts and industry leaders who have solved the same problems that you’re facing
* Connect with peers and network with a thriving, vibrant community of developers
* Share experiences with developers like you about creating leading edge cloud native applications for any cloud environment
* Attend tutorials on how to get started with containers and how to use multiple languages
* Get best practices tips and insights from innovative organizations that are building next generation applications with Docker
* Hear about what’s new with tools and partner integration
* Participate in live sessions with Docker Captain

**Who should attend?**
DockerCon is for developers and development teams who are building the next generation of modern applications and want to learn about the latest and greatest from Docker and about tools for efficient application development. The content is targeted for all levels, from developers brand new to Docker all the way to advanced users:

* Software developers
* Application developers
* Engineering Directors
* Dev Managers
* Chief Architects
* Cloud Architects


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