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Don't bother devops

I want to share my zero-configuration replacement of amazon's EKS, ECS, CertificateManager, Load-Balancer and CloudWatch using your own infrastructure. It completely replaces ingress & reverse proxies, nginx, traefik, haproxy, and kubernetes using docker swarm. You can set it up in 10 minutes. You don't need any prior knowledge in Kubernetes. Unlike helm & co, all you need to know will be taught using first principles and all the instructions you need to know to get everything working are in 20 lines or so. I'll present how to do it in the presentation line by line. I run my own startup's 16 machine cluster for $150/month. Looking for collaborators!

Speaker: Andrew Grosser
Bio: Currently CTO for and a gun for hire. Always a founder.,, a stealth growth startup and are my latest pet projects. Love working high level and deep in tech and the combination it brings. Love helping startups. Love the intersection of art and tech. Biomed/Software/Electrical Engineer with business acumen. Regularly work with ML, scalable systems, neurotech and historically with hedge funds, government and banks (dodged that bullet!). Last year I wrote an operating system for a chip for fun and also created the largest coaching platform in Europe (amongst other things). Created the first quantum cryptograph in Australia.

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