Source: GOTO Nights - London, UK

Don't hack the platform? ☠️💣💥



Don’t watch this talk! Your co-workers will not be happy when you go back to work tomorrow and start applying the things you’ll learn here. You’ll do a lot of damage.

Mutating immutable objects is never a good idea. You shouldn’t be bypassing the constructor when you instantiate an object. You certainly don’t need to add constants to your enums at runtime. And don’t even think about including Java 11 code in your Java 7 codebase. Truly, nothing good will come from attending this talk.

In all seriousness, this talk will provide awareness about some of the lesser-known vulnerabilities of Java and the JVM. Maybe I’ll even tell you how to guard against them.


Jan Ouwens is a developer and architect at Codestar in the Netherlands, focusing on back-end systems and specializing in Scala and Java.

He is interested in functional programming and has worked with Delphi, Ruby, Elm, and yes, even VBScript. He is also the author of EqualsVerifier, a tool to make rigourously testing Java’s equals and hashCode methods a one-liner.


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