Harness 12th Floor of 444 Castro St
Mountain View, CA 94041

Build your own open-source GitOps delivery platform with Argo CD, Drone CI & LitmusChaos

In this 3-hour workshop, you’ll learn how to set up, configure and run a full-stack, open-source GitOps delivery platform, including continuous integration with Drone CI, continuous delivery with Argo CD, and chaos engineering with LitmusChaos. You will be provided with a preconfigured stack with Gitea and Nexus Docker Registry, but the workshop is intended to work with any Git repository (GitHub, GitLab, etc.) and container registry (Harbor, etc.). Also included is the open-source tooling you’ll need to deploy and operate this stack afterwards.

Here is some of what you will learn in this workshop.

How to use:
\- Drone CI to declaratively build\, test and publish images to a container registry\.
\- Argo CD Image Updater to automatically update the container images in your Kubernetes workloads
\- LitmusChaos to run experiments on that environment to determine your application's level of resilience\.
\- Your repo to create an excellent Full\-Stack GitOps experience for your developers

You’ll also receive access to a Slack Channel where we can continue working together.

8:30 am Breakfast & Setup (optional)
9:00 am Introductions
9:15 am Deploy Argo CD from Helm charts
9:45 am Install "DRAG Stack" following the "App of Apps" pattern
10:05 am Modify components of the DRAG Stack App of Apps and see them deployed
10:25 am Making the registry available inside the cluster
11:00 am Create a full-stack pipeline for apps managed by Argo CD following GitOps workflow
11:30 am Implement Chaos Engineering with LitmusChaos
12:00 pm Continue discussion over Lunch

1:00 - 4 pm Workshop repeats as part of ArgoCon 2022

4:00 pm Stay for Happy Hour
6:00 pm Lightning Talks back at Harness (12th floor at 444 Castro St.)

We hope you will continue working with us to improve the [DRAG Stack](https://github.com/harness-apps/drag-stack/tree/main/workshop) as an open-source project we can all learn from.

More details at [https://github.com/harness-apps/drag-stack/tree/main/workshop](https://github.com/harness-apps/drag-stack/tree/main/workshop)

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