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Driving AWS Cost Reduction… What to Look for

This is an online meeting:

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If you have ever been responsible for a public cloud account that is at least moderately large (> $50k/month) and frequently changing, you will know from experience that managing public cloud costs can be a nightmare. Orphaned servers, services, disk, and other resources can sit around for long periods of time without anyone noticing. Instances can be over-resourced. There can be missed opportunities for reserving instances. It is ridiculously easy for a well-intentioned systems administrator to make one bad configuration (such as overloading IOPS on a disk) and cost a company thousands of dollars in days.

The purpose of this session is to arm attendees with immediately usable, high-value best practices for controlling AWS costs.

• Leveraging Well-Architected Framework to identity cost inefficiency
• The low hanging fruit – what are the low risk targets?
• Removing Idle services
• Service Optimization

Glen's Bio:

Glen Kerr is an experienced Sales leader, Technologist and Disrupter with a proven track record of enabling growth and change in technology and culture. He has thirty years in development, infrastructure, services, sales, marketing and CIO roles within the technology industry. Glen has held many key vendor roles, founded and led large software automation businesses in the Cloud space for the past 20 years. Glen is privileged to have led small start-up teams and large enterprise BUs both locally and
globally from idea inception, growth, transformation and exit.

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