This will be online on Zoom.

Granulate provides a real-time continuous optimization solution that leverages OS and Kernel level optimization, to improve server throughput 5X, reduce latency by 40% and cut cloud compute costs by up to 60% with no code changes required. Granulate offers plug and play native support for AWS compute services EC2, ECS, EKS, EMR allowing AWS customers to optimize compute workloads to achieve significant cost reduction and improved performance without any R&D efforts and within several days. In addition, Granulate recently launched an open-sourced product called gProfiler, which allows customers to run a dry analysis of their application dataflow and resource usage patterns on specific nodes and receive an estimation of the performance improvement and cost reduction they can get using Granulate's agent, even before the POC! To understand better, check out how Granulate helped Perion reduce 52% of their cloud costs and reduce 60% of their CPU utilization with 0 R&D changes!

The event will include:
* Introduction to real-time continuous optimization
* Leveraging production continuous profiling to improve cloud performance
* Success stories with AWS customers
* Live demo - see how Granulate reduces compute costs and improves performance instantly

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