Source: GOTO Nights - London, UK

GOTO Feel Good: Attitude of Iteration


Challenges are a very real part of daily life. Some challenges are very apparent, like having one finger on each hand. Other challenges, are less apparent but no less of a hurdle that must be jumped. As someone who was born different and has been challenged through life, Eric has a very interesting view on hitting challenges head on. He also like to laugh as He deal with these challenges. In this session you will joke your way through having an attitude of iteration in how you deal with challenges in your personal lives AND in your work lives. Prepare to laugh, commiserate, and face your challenges!

Eric Johnson is a Senior Developer Advocate for serverless applications at Amazon Web Services and is based in Northern Colorado. Eric is a fanatic about serverless and enjoys helping developers understand how serverless technologies introduces a major paradigm shift in how they approach building and running applications at massive scale with minimal administration overhead. Prior to this, Eric has worked as a developer, solutions architect and AWS Evangelist for an AWS partner company.

If Eric could be a Chief Happiness Officer, he wouldn’t have to do anything but show up as he is.


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