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Speaker: This Playground will be led by our good friend from Ondat Nicolas Vermandé -

Enjoy our Docker and Podman - twins, rivals or strangers? Playground last month? Get ready for our next containers-focused Playground coming to you end of October!

Since the launch of Docker, we’ve been told to treat containers as cattle.
Going against the grain, Kubernetes provided a “PetSets” object from day one, which later became StatefulSets. The reason is quite simple – there’s no such thing as an application that is completely stateless. As the Kubernetes toolset grows, it has become easier to work with stateful applications such as Kafka or MongoDB.

If you are interested in discovering the black magic behind StatefulSets and learning how to use them to deploy your preferred applications into Kubernetes, without any compromise on the data service layer, this is the Playground for you!

Behold! Panda is back in London so we can finally meet, code and eat some pizza together in the ECS office. For those sitting on another side of the globe, we will be live streaming the event as well so you don’t miss out!
If you want to join online - go to:

As always this will be a hands-on session so please bring your laptop with you. Anything with the browser from this century will do, we will provide the lab environment for you.
Some space to fit all the pizza!

Note: For those joining the stream the Hands-on session might start a little later than usual, we will kick off once everyone visiting us in person is ready.

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