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"Infrastructure as Code" by Lee Zen of Pulumi

Description - Modern Infrastructure As Code: Create, deploy, and manage infrastructure on any cloud using familiar programming languages and tools. Join Lee Zen, VP of Engineering at Pulumi, as he shares how to leverage programming concepts you already know for infrastructure as code. Pulumi makes you more productive and enables sharing and reuse of common patterns. A single delivery workflow across any cloud helps developers and operators work better together.

Speaker: Lee Zen, VP of Engineering at Pulumi (Twitter @lmzen)

Speaker Bio - Lee Zen’s career has spanned a combination of AI and Cloud. Prior to his role as the VP of Engineering at Pulumi, he was an entrepreneur-in-residence at the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence and the General Manager for Amazon Route 53. More about Lee at

4:00 pm Introductions
4:05 pm Talk TBD
4:45 pm Q&A
4:55 pm Raffle - $50 Amazon gift card and 5 Pulumi t-shirts

Event Organizers: Dave Nielsen

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