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January DevOps Meetup

📣 ATTENTION: We'll be starting at 18:00 sharp.

The Zoom (as linked on this page) will be available to join from 17:50 onwards.

You must RSVP to see the link to the Zoom.

🕺Devops without the Cloud: what to do when you're on bare metal — Colin Douch

In today's world of Cloud systems, it's become easier than ever to innovate and scale systems quickly. Given tools like auto scaling, compute on demand, and managed services, modern Engineering teams can cut straight to the heart of their implementations, without having to worry about traditional infrastructure concerns. In some cases however, you may not have the ability (or desire) to use such modern conveniences. In such a case, what can be done to maintain our DevOps feedback loop, and improve our Engineering velocity?

Colin Douch is an SRE at Cloudflare, working on their Observability Platform, with over 10 years experience working across DevOps organisations. In this talk, he will compare and contrast the traditional on-prem environment with Cloud based environments, give an insight into where the difficulties lie for those of us who have never seen a server before, and explain some procedures and best practices for working with bare metal to enable fast paced Engineering environments.

⚡️Lightning talks – TBA

Please let Michael and Lindsay know via Meetup if you would like to give a talk!

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