Source: Pittsburgh Code & Supply

Live Code PGH: 2020 Kickoff

Live Code PGH is back with a new home at the Code & Supply coworking space. This meet aims to provide a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere for community members to talk about and share different computational art projects, predominantly ones included in live performance such as but not limited to live-coding frameworks.

Some of you might be wondering, what is live-coding? Here’s a quote from Alex McLean, creator of TidalCyles when asked about it in an interview with Dazed and Confuzed: “Live coders are basically performing by writing computer programs live on stage, while the programs are generating their art – whether that’s visuals or music,’ McLean says. “Their computer screens are projected, so that the audience can see the code being manipulated. But the focus is on the music, on people dancing and seriously enjoying themselves”.

For our first meeting of the year, we’ll have a group forum about future formatting of our sessions, get to know one another, share what we’ve been working on, and talk about what each of us would like to take away from the meeting.

Don’t worry if you’ve never worked with computational art or live-coding frameworks before if you’re interested in learning more about them and getting help along the way, this is the group for you!

Here are some common live-coding frameworks worth checking out.

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