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London DevOps #53 (Online)

London DevOps goes online again this month with a schedule of two talks taking place over Zoom, followed by a social session to which everyone can contribute.

The link to attend the event is:

Please see speakers and agenda below;

6:00pm - Introductions

6:15pm - Sanjeev Sharma (Accelerated Strategies) - Multi-Cloud Snake Oil: Is Multi-cloud For Real and Do You Even Need It?

Multi-Cloud has become the buzzword of the day. However, Multi-cloud adoption comes with its own set of challenges which bring into question whether it is worth targeting a Multi-Cloud end-state. Multi-Cloud management tools are still in their infancy and require significant manual overhead and planning. Furthermore, one needs to step back and even question the very need for Multi-Cloud? Do you even need it for most of the applications you have? This session will explore the pros and cons, and the reality and the snake-oil.

Sanjeev Sharma is an internationally known DevOps and Cloud Transformation, and Data Modernization thought leader, technology executive, and author.

6:45pm - Josh Van Leeuwen (Jetstack) - kube-oidc-proxy: Consistent User Identity in Multi-cloud

kube-oidc-proxy is a reverse auth proxy designed to bring OIDC authentication to managed Kubernetes offerings. In this talk, we'll demonstrate how kube-oidc-proxy works and how we can leverage it to get consistent user identity across different clouds.

Josh is a Customer Reliability Engineer at Jetstack, providing Kubernetes support to customers as well as developing opensource projects such as cert-manager.

7:20pm - Social Session

We'll run a separate Zoom meeting to socialise afterwards.

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