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Zero Trusted DevOps Supply Chain is a new CIO security priority. In recent times, we have seen significant growth of attacks in the DevOps Supply chain with a major impact on individuals, organizations and nations. It’s time for us to get serious about that.

With such a global increase in cyberattacks where criminal threat actors only need one single vulnerability or a misconfiguration in the code to paralyze the entire ecosystem, it is absolutely critical than ever that companies build zero trusted DevOps Supply Chains to ensure a complete DevOps security from Code to Cloud.

In this session, you will learn how to securely deploy Micro Services from deep shift left to a running environment in k8s.

[Nils Ujma - Lead Technologist, Cloud Security and DevSecOps (APAC) at Check Point](

Date : Tuesday, November 22nd 2022
Time : 19.00 - 21.30 WIB
Location : [CGV FX Sudirman, Cinema 01 (7F Floor)](
Delivery : in English
Registration link : [IDDevOps meetup #59](

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Notes to all participants before registering
1. **Registration is only accepted from Eventbrite** ([here](
2\. Limited seats available\, make sure you're coming on time
3\. Dinner provided by the organizer for the first 50 participants who attend
4\. Re\-registration at the venue starting from 18\.00 WIB
5\. Please prepare a QR Code from Eventbrite when re\-registering at the venue
6\. This event is **only for practitioners**
7\. We **do not accept on-site registration** at the venue
8\. Please bring your business card
9\. We will close this registration page on Nov 21st\, 2022 at 21\.00 WIB

18.00 - 19.00 --- Re-registration and dinner
19.00 - 19.10 --- Opening and introduction about the community and the event
19.10 - 19.20 --- Welcoming from Head of Community and Check Point Representatives
19.20 - 20.00 --- Sharing session by Nils Ujma
20.00 - 20.40 --- Live demo by Nils Ujma
20.40 - 20.55 --- QnA session (using slido)
20.55 - 21.10 --- Ice breaking
21.10 - 21.20 --- Fill out a feedback form
21.20 - 21.30 --- Closing and photo group
21.30 - 22.00 --- Networking session

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Thank you and see you at the meetup!

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