This month our ONLINE meetup will feature two talks on building CI/CD pipelines. It can be daunting to build the "right" pipeline, which ensures correct and sufficient tests and release criteria is verified before deployment to production.

We will hear about two real-world pipeline implementations, including the challenges they faced and how they dealt with them.

NOTE: START TIME IS AT 18h PORTUGAL TIME (one hour earlier than we used to)

Link to Zoom (videoconference) will be visible on this page on the right side (under "Online event") once you are logged in and registered for this meetup.

The event starts at 18:00 sharp, please try to connect on time!

There will be plenty of time for questions and chatting after the talks!


TALK #1: Load testing UK’s biggest food publisher using AWS & Artillery

Speaker: João Tiago, Software Engineer at YLD

I want to guide you on the journey at this particular client where our main focus was to deliver a CI/CD pipeline solution. The scope of our engagement widened once we noticed a new major version of the app was on the verge to be deployed without validation if it handled production-like traffic.

Let me walk you through how we designed a Load Testing Platform integrated into the CI Pipeline, using and several AWS products. I’ll guide you through our approach and the learning we made along the way.

João Tiago is a DevOps enthusiast who loves finding simple and elegant solutions to hard problems. When not in front of the black screen, he can be found playing human-chess in the Jiu-Jitsu mats.


TALK #2: Automating your Way to Confidence

Speaker: Miguel Palhas

We recently re-thinked the way we handle releases within Utrust. The goal was to make everything more agile, automated, and a lot more transparent towards the rest of our company. Around the same time, Github Actions went to public beta, and it ended up fitting our needs nicely. It also turned out that this CI has a lot more to offer than I was previously used to. This talk is about our journey to make better and faster releases.

Along the way, I'll show examples of how Utrust is handling this process nowadays, as well as some other automations we built for our product team, which ended up saving us tens of hours of headaches during 2019.

Miguel Palhas is a professional over-engineer at Subvisual. He made the jump from high-performance computing researcher to web developer, where he's been happily hacking for the past few years, mostly writing Ruby and some awesome web animations.


Remember our guidelines of engagement in the video call, to make sure things run as smoothly as possible:

1. When you join, you will be kept muted to avoid noise

2. We ask you to rename yourself to include your name and city/location

3. Turn on your webcam if you don’t mind, so we can recognize each other’s faces and make this more in-person like :)

4. After each presentation, there will be a Q&A round

5. If you have a question, “Raise hand” to let us know OR write it in the chat

5.1. If you “raise hand”, we will call your name and unmute you so you can ask the question

5.2. If you write the question in the chat, we will read it out loud

5.3 Try to limit questions to 1 per talk

6. Feel free to use the chat for discussions with other participants

7. We will keep the call open for 10/15m after the talks for further discussion, virtual networking if you like :)


IMPORTANT NOTICE: The talks will be recorded and published in the DevOps Lisbon YouTube channel. By signing up for this event you explicitly agree that your image might appear in the video recordings. Nevertheless, you can always get in touch with the organisation ([masked]) to have it removed.

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