6:30 - Session Opens - Time to get connected and sort out your tech. Please mute when joining and only unmute as needed to participate.

6:45 - Welcome and Announcements from the DevOps Community
This segment is always crowdsourced. If you know of something interesting happening in DevOps, Please feel free to speak up.

6:50 - 60 Seconds Each from People That Are Hiring - I'll ask for speakers at this point, please feel free to take 60 seconds to tell attendees about specific positions that you are hiring for. If you are a recruiter, please do not just say "we are hiring for a lot of positions", no one will get back to you. Speakers can mention a few positions if they can fit them inside their minute. More details get better responses.

6:55 - First Talk -Topic: How I Built My Family Menu, A Personal Helper Application

Summary: My Family Menu is Anh’s personal application built to help her with many things in the kitchen from storing recipes, planning meal plans, taking notes, to creating grocery list. Anh built the app using React, Flask, and PostgreSQL. The React app is hosted on S3, distributed by CloudFront. The Flask app image is stored in ECR, served and orchestrated by ECS. And the database is persisted on AWS RDS.

Bio: Anh Lu, a graduate from Penn LPS Coding Boot Camp, is a Software Engineer at Harmelin Media with 2 years of experience. Anh is a career changer whose background was in Project Management. She found out that she could code when she taught herself Excel VBA to create reports. She is most interested in DevOps and Cloud Computing and has been teaching herself AWS and Container technologies. Anh loves spending her free time coding, cooking, and gardening.

7:15 - 8ish - Second Talk - Bringing It All Together: An Evaluation of Service Mesh Solutions
You have successfully developed and deployed your microservices architecture, but you find that managing communication between your services and containers is becoming more complex and clumsy as you scale. This talk will begin with a definition of “service mesh” and what potential roles it can play in your microservices architecture.
We’ll explore the pros and cons of the following popular service mesh implementations: Istio, Linkerd, Conduit. I’ll touch on the differences in the ease of implementation, integration with existing monitoring solutions, traffic flow, and service-to-service authentication. After this talk, you will be able to make an informed decision on the best service mesh architecture to implement in your environment.

Melissa McKayDeveloper Advocate - JFrog, Inc. | Colorado, United States
Melissa's background and experience as a software engineer spans a slew of technologies and tools used in the development and operation of enterprise products and services. She is a mom, software engineer, Java geek, huge fan of UNconferences, and is always on the lookout for ways to grow and learn. She has spoken at CodeOne, Java Dev Day Mexico and is part of the JCrete and JAlba UNconference teams. She is currently a Developer Advocate for JFrog, Inc.

8ish-9ish. Meetup End - Open Session, Once Q&A has wrapped up feel free to hang out and discuss/network/talk about whatever.

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