Hi Everyone,
As summer winds down, and we get ready for a super busy 4th Quarter, I think it's also time to get together and have another virtual meetup. I'm very happy to announce our next virtual event will be on Friday, October 22 at 1 PM EST. Though we would love to have an in-person event again, we're not quite there yet, but hope to be soon!

We are very happy to announce 2 speakers at this meetup.

First, Ed Burnett, VP of Engineering at Vestwell will be presenting :

SRE Tactics for Product Engineering Teams
This presentation will include:
-Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) definition
-Squad definition
-Topic: Chapter 5: Eliminating Toil
-Topic: Non-Chapter advice: Playbook Culture
-Topic: Chapter 14: Managing Incidents
-Topic: Chapter 15: Post Mortems

Also, we will be having an amazing SaaS company called BMC's Senior Solutions Engineer Brandi Coleman presenting about :

Control-M Orchestration of Data Pipelines in the cloud

We will walk through the architecture of complex data pipelines that we developed and how Control-M simplifies and orchestrates the steps in a ML pipeline using traditional drag and drop as well as Jobs-as-Code approaches.

BMC has kindly offered to buy everyone who attends the event lunch through a remote food delivery service, so if you RSVP and attend, we'll have lunch delivered to you. As always, the Averity DevOps & Security team will be on hand to discuss any questions about the insane Q4 job market and to supply face-melting guitar licks to entertain everyone before and after our speakers present.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again!

-Alex and the Averity Team.

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