Source: Toronto Enterprise DevOps User Group

Test Automation for an Agile Team

We want to take advantage of Agile/DevOps/Continuous Delivery. However we are having trouble fitting in QA. There isn’t time for testers to execute all their test cases, and in our experience, Automated UI tests are too fragile. So how do we do it?
Dave and Amir will discuss what you need to know about testing for your agile team. We’ll talk about the process and what types of testing needs to be included. Who should write those tests and how they fit into your pipeline.
We’ll have demo’s on Automated UI tests, running tests in your Build and Release Pipeline and Exploratory testing for everything automation didn’t take care of.

About speakers:
Dave Lloyd is a co-founder of ObjectSharp. He has almost 40 years’ experience in the IT industry designing and building software solutions for a large number of clients in varying industries. Dave is a seasoned Agile Coach with a great deal of experience implementing process into development teams, from small and large ISV’s to in house development teams. Dave has also spent time during his career implementing test solutions for clients. Working with the most current automated test tools and implementing successful test environments.
Amir Bosch is a Senior Consultant at ObjectSharp, based out of Toronto. Amir has many years of extensive experience in the roles of technical architect and software developer with consistent and successful project/product delivery using agile methods. The in-depth experience has given him the hands-on knowledge of the software craftsmanship from inception to delivery and maintenance of projects/products. Amir has an extensive experience on-site and in-person with clients both in Canada and the United States.

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