Stabilizing the three-legged stool of Velocity, Risk Management, and Quality in Software Delivery using Spinnaker

Description: The hallmark of a great DevOps professional is to keep working towards smoothening the software delivery process by eliminating the friction between software development and operations. Three pillars on which the stability of a software delivery pipeline rests are 1. The velocity of the delivery process 2. Risk: Managing Security & Compliance and 3. Quality: Meeting the extent of functional requirements. You need to ensure that the three-legged stool of software delivery is stable. In this talk, you will learn the extent to which automation plays a pivotal role in stabilizing this three-legged stool and how can Spinnaker as your continuous deployment tool of choice help you achieve your goals in an efficient manner.

This will be code & demo-heavy talk.

Speaker: Robert 'Bob' Boule, Head of Sales Engineering, OpsMx

4:00 pm Welcome
4:05 pm Talk begins

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